Youth Moving On values the importance of human relationships and each person’s right to self-determination. We believe that every person deserves to be treated with respect, dignity and equality. We maintain a safe and welcoming environment for all people and are committed to honesty and integrity toward ourselves and others.

It is the policy of Youth Moving On to treat every youth with fairness and professionalism. We strive to provide excellent service at all times. It is important to us that youth have an opportunity to express a problem or grievance related to the quality of service received. A grievance is defined as any situation or condition that a youth thinks is unfair, unjust, or inequitable.

All youth have the right to report a grievance at any time without the fear of consequences or retaliation from staff or other youth within the program. Any grievance filed will remain confidential and private, only to be shared with Youth Moving On staff involved directly in the resolution process.

If you feel that you have been treated unfairly, the grievance process should be handled in the following order:

1.    If you have a grievance or concern, we encourage you to first discuss the issue with Youth Moving On staff. If an agreement cannot be reached, you can move to the next step of the grievance procedure. If you are uncomfortable with first discussing an issue or incident with PRC staff, we encourage you to begin with the next step in the grievance process.

2.    If you feel that the issue was unresolved to your satisfaction, you have the right to submit a grievance in writing. Use the Grievance Form to document in detail the issue or concern. Once the form has been submitted it will be forwarded to the YMO Grievance Monitor. The electronic Grievance Form can be found at or a paper copy may be requested.

3.    Once a grievance form has been received, Youth Moving On will begin to investigate the matter within two business days. You will be notified of the investigation within 7 days.

4.    Youth Moving On will provide you with the result of the investigation within 14 days. If Youth Moving On is unable to conclude the investigation before the end of 14 days, you will be notified. You will be provided with a new date, up to 30 days by which a resolution will be provided.

5.    If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the results, you may contact Hillsides Chief Executive Officer, Joe Costa, to further discuss the matter. The CEO will review the matter and will respond to you in writing within 10 business days. The CEO’s decision and recommendation will be final.

This form is to be completed if you wish to file a grievance or complaint.  You may also ask someone else who is acting with your knowledge and consent to write or express the grievance.  You may file this report anonymously, without your name, however it may make it more difficult for Hillsides to address the matter.


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