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Hillsides Aims to Collect 170 Backpacks for New School Year
Hillsides teacher Debi Szilagi-Johnson works with children in the classroom.

(PASADENA, CA)—The Pasadena-headquartered charity Hillsides has begun its annual school supply donation drive to help children and youth in need prepare for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year.

Hillsides’ goal is to put together 170 backpacks filled with school supplies for 90 elementary school students, 30 middle schoolers, and 50 high school students.  The cost of the backpacks are $40, $50, and $60 respectively. The items packaged inside vary by grade level, and range from binders and pencils to calculators and dictionaries.

The backpacks collected will be distributed among children receiving services through Hillsides' various programs.  Most of these students would likely go without school supplies if they were not provided by Hillsides. The supplies are crucial to success in the classroom, but they also serve another important function.

“The backpacks help the children fit in with their classmates,” said Hillsides Director of Community Resources Laura Kelso.  “Without them they would feel different, which would add stress to their school lives.”

In addition to the school supply-filled backpacks, Hillsides is asking for donations of geography maps, art supplies, and flash drives, among other items. The complete Hillsides back-to-school wish list, along with information about how to donate items, can be found at To donate funds toward the backpacks, please call Hillsides Advancement Services at 323-543-2800.

Children receiving the supplies participate in one of three Hillsides programs:  Family Resource Centers, which offer parenting classes, mental health supports, and other crucial resources for vulnerable children and families; Residential Treatment Services, which provide a safe and stable environment for children and youth who cannot live at home; and Youth Moving On, which provides youth formerly in foster care affordable housing and support services.

Hillsides is a premier provider dedicated to improving the overall well-being of vulnerable children, youth, and their families in Los Angeles County. To learn more about Hillsides, please visit


Hillsides is a premier provider dedicated to improving the overall well-being and functioning of vulnerable children, youth, and their families. >
We offer community-based programs and services providing parenting classes, mental health support, and crucial resources for vulnerable children and families throughout Los Angeles County. >
Education Center, a therapeutic residential and day school, offers individualized education for students with social-emotional, learning and/or behavior challenges for children in kindergarten. >

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