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Hillsides Announces New Executive Position


(PASADENA, CA) The Los Angeles charity Hillsides is pleased to announce the promotion of Stacey Roth to a newly created executive position, Chief Program Officer. Previously, Roth was the director of Family Resource Centers, which offer community-based programs and services to families throughout Los Angeles County.  

In her new position, Roth will oversee three divisions of Hillsides: 1) Campus-based Programs, 2) Transition-Aged Youth Services for young adults transitioning from foster care to adulthood, and 3) Community Outpatient Services, which includes all Family Resource Center programs.  She will report to Joseph M. Costa, the charity’s chief executive officer.

 “I’m honored for the opportunity to help lead Hillsides into the future,” said Roth.  “I’m excited about providing support, creating positive change, and mentoring those in other departments.  I look forward to implementing creative solutions to helping staff feel successful about doing their job.”

Also receiving a promotion is Jay Bechtol, the director of Hillsides Education Center.   Bechtol has been promoted to Division Director, Campus-based Programs.  In this capacity he will oversee both Hillsides Education Center, which is a therapeutic residential and day school, and the charity’s Residential Treatment Services, a program that provides a stable living environment for children who cannot live at home.  He will also be in charge of group homes, community resources/volunteers, the nursing staff, and the chaplain, among other responsibilities.   

Thomas Lee, the current director of Youth Moving On, is also being promoted to Division Director, Transition-Aged Youth Services.  Both Bechtol and Lee will report to Roth.  Hillsides is currently looking to fill a third director position, that of Division Director, Community Outpatient Services.  

Also affected is Ryan Eisenberg, assistant director of the Education Center, who has been promoted to Director, Hillsides Education Center.

This executive-level restructuring dovetails with the retirement of Hillsides long-time associate director Susanne Crummey, who will leave the charity at the end of November after 43 years.

“I am thrilled to introduce this new management team,” said Chief Executive Officer Costa.  “Crummey has provided extraordinary leadership in her position and held an extraordinary number of executive duties.   With her retirement, we were given a chance to redefine all the executive positions at Hillsides in such a way that will allow us to maintain the quality of our services and our drive for excellence.”

Roth, who has worked at Hillsides since 1996, began her career at the agency as a social worker before being promoted to clinical director and then director of the Family Resource Centers.   Bechtol has been with Hillsides since 1989 and held several positions before becoming director of the Education Center, among them, recreation director.  Lee started his career at Hillsides as a child care worker in 1995.  After leaving the agency to teach high school English, he returned to Hillsides as first the resident advisor of, and ultimately director of, YMO.   Eisenberg has worked at Hillsides Education Center as the assistant director since 2011.

All promotions will take effect on November 1, 2013. 

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