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(PASADENA, CA) For some women, Mother’s Day is a joyous occasion to honor their moms.  For others, it’s more a rite of obligation.  And for still others, who are dealing with a chronic illness of a mother, the holiday takes on a special poignancy.
(PASADENA, CA) Supporters of the Pasadena-headquartered charity Hillsides can take their pick of one of three “sports” -- bridge, Bunco, or tennis -- when they participate in the 28th Annual Bartlett Cup on May 13 held in two locations in Arcadia, California.
Hillsides Launches Facebook Sweepstakes (PASADENA, CA) Hillsides, a Pasadena-headquartered charity that serves children and families throughout Los Angeles County, has launched a Facebook sweepstakes contest, “A New Day.”  The agency is asking people to submit a caption and/or photo illustrating what they are doing to move forward in life.  For example, someone who has decided it’s a “new day” to get fit might post a photo of a pair of running shoes.  Someone starting a novel might post a photo of a laptop.  
  (PASADENA, CA)   Hillsides, a Pasadena-headquartered charity serving Los Angeles County, has been awarded a $2,000 grant from the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts for the music and art education program at Hillsides Education Center. The funds will be used to purchase musical instruments, recording equipment, and other supplies for the approximately 110 boys and girls in grade K – 12 who attend the school.  
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Hillsides is a premier provider dedicated to improving the overall well-being and functioning of vulnerable children, youth, and their families. >
We offer community-based programs and services providing parenting classes, mental health support, and crucial resources for vulnerable children and families throughout Los Angeles County. >
Education Center, a therapeutic residential and day school, offers individualized education for students with social-emotional, learning and/or behavior challenges for children in kindergarten. >

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