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Health and Wellness

All youth participating in the Health & Wellness program are placed at the center of their own recovery.  We approach self-sufficiency by using a mix of evidence-based practices for healthy relationships, support systems, self-advocacy, physical fitness, and proper nutrition.  In addition to ensuring all youth have access to health care coverage, our staff use a multidisciplinary approach to addressing the emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being of each youth.

At YMO, we approach therapy from a strengths-based viewpoint. We honor the individual, and work to empower youth to make conscious choices that will improve and sustain their emotional well-being. All youth participating in the YMO transitional and permanent housing programs attend therapy weekly for the first six months of the program. During the seventh month, the therapist works with the youth to determine the frequency of meetings that best suits their individual needs. The YMO Peer Resource Center also offers mental health based services to all youth.

Our staff also serve as a mental health rehabilitation specialists, whose primary objective is to help each emancipated youth develop the necessary skills for lasting independence and a lifetime of personal fulfillment. We provide youth with various techniques to encourage healthy decision-making, work with others, appreciate the perspectives of others, express their own opinions and beliefs, conduct reasoned disagreements, negotiate, and compromise.

YMO staff believe there is an abundance of opportunities for teachable moments through daily living.  Our staff also provide one-on-one support to assist clients in behavior management, coping skills, healthy outlets, anger management, crisis intervention, communication skills, self-help skills-building, and community support.

We also offers low-cost gym memberships to youth interested in maintaining their physical health. For $10 a month, youth can maintain their health, get in shape, or release stress at any one of the many 24 Hour Fitness gyms in Pasadena, Los Angeles, or Southern California area.


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